Monday, April 14, 2008

a new fan

I'm truly feeling the humorous and authentic work of Maya Escobar whose identity is complicated by the fusion of Jewish and Latin cultures in America and the preconceptions and attitudes that this inevitably entails when interacting with others. Her handling of the same is far beyond the scope or intellectual grasp of the average youtube user (as denoted in the plethora of ignorant comments to be found) ,but I would advise my readers to broaden their own horizons by investigating her work. Her performance art is a myriad of polarity, truth and stereotype. While she can intellectually justify each and every one of her approaches and mediums, there is great room here for the observer to draw their own conclusions, and the artist encourages you to do so. Maya takes criticism quite well, and perhaps is showing her master of impression management. Still, she does not take criticism as a form of mockery even when it clearly is! In her own words: "What I am mocking, is the willingness (myself included) to fall into, completely reject, or to to deny all facets of these “assumed roles”.

Her ability to go from Yeshiva to Portoroc (which must be a purely absorbed observation since her Latina heritage is that of Guatemala and not of the Caribbean) archetypes to be particularly impressive. What's more impressive is her intellectual explanation and justification for her work. Check her out:

Here are some of her video work and surveys that I encourage you to take:

& of course the youtube archives...

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EuroMadrid said...

Excellent post, Sheihan! Add me to the fan club!